Social Media For A New Age : SPACE

Exploring spiritual social media, our digital wellbeing & a new age of tech together.

A space to share. A space to grow. A space to listen. A space for flow. A space to learn. A space of ease. A space for shifts. A space to weave.

You want to use social media to connect, to discover and be discovered. But with the speed at which everything evolves in the world of social media, it’s easy to get sucked into black holes of overwhelm, constellations of confusion, and nebulas of negativity. 

SPACE is a supportive and safe place. A space~ship. A container in which to consider ways to use this technology spiritually, ethically and healthily. 

A space where you can explore your relationship to social media, share thoughts & feelings, exchange ideas, and support each other in comm~unity with your Social Media Angel, Katie Brockhurst, and her trusty unicorn Starlight at the helm, to help you show up in this constantly shifting terrain. 

This is a space to understand what being part of a ‘digital world’ means – personally and collectively – emotionally and practically. How to use these technologies for ourselves and the greater good – rather than letting them use us.

Inviting you to take an exciting journey into digital, inner & outer space and beyond into the quantum realms, as we navigate social media cyberspace, the emerging metaverse, and life in the multiverse, together. 

what they say...

Katie gives such a powerful overview of what’s an ultra-fast-moving landscape, as well as ideas about how to navigate this shape-shifting online world and look after ourselves at the same time.

~ Nicola Humber, founder of The Unbound Press

You know I’ve been wondering how best to describe you and your work - my mind and heart go to so many things. But succinctly my experience of you and your work is the embodiment of heartfelt social connection in the earth world and digital world.

~ Savannah Alalia, coach, bodyworker & entrepreneur

I was pretty emotional talking about meeting my space in the inter web world of social media, to have a visceral feeling of an unrealised reality is very present even with me now. It’s like you helped us touch the places in us that can guide, reassure and inspire ourselves with intelligent integrity. 

~ Clara Chi, qigong teacher & UK Health Radio presenter

In Starlight's SPACE lounge you will receive

✨ Katie's latest research, opinion & process

✨ love, support & space holding

✨ live calls with Katie, the community & guests

✨ downloadable work, rest & play books  

✨ guided visualisations & meditations

✨ poems & card readings

✨ connecting with like-hearted people

✨ in & at a gentle sPace :)

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